How To Make Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Maker

This is not so common method for making Ice Cream in a home because this method requires plenty of time, patience and effort to make ice cream But if you don’t have Ice cream Maker then now worry you can still enjoy homemade Ice Cream by going throw this method

homemade ice cream

Step By Step Guide

The first step is the same for all ways whatever you are going to select for Ice Cream making at the home. Decide what you want to make and then put all Ingredients together what you are going to use in your recipe and next step is to make a mixture according to Instructions. make sure you have a container (a wide bowl) what we are going to use in the churning/freezing process further.

Now you have everything A Ice Cream Mixture, a wide bowl and freezer to freeze the Ice Cream. now our next step is to unload the mixture to a wide bowl and put it into the fridge for 2 hours and check it after the first hour how it’s going. This mixture takes a long time to get chilled because we used cooked ingredients in a mixture.

After 2 hours takes the bowl out of the fridge and put it into the freezer for next 30 Min and then check after 30 Min how much it gets freezes. In the first 30 Min, it will get heard from the edges but not from the center.

Take the bowl out of the freezer and then beat a mixture till it turns to creamy this will help ingredients to mix properly and taste will increase and then again put it back to the freezer for the next 30 Min. Repeat the same process around 3-4 times to get the best results.

After repeating the above steps 3-4 times put the mixture into the freezer for the final time until it gets ready to serve. This can take a maximum of 30-40 Mins according to the Ingredients you used in your mixture and also depends upon how you like to enjoy as some of us like soft and some love to have heard.


Enjoy Home Made Ice Cream

Now waiting over make good ice cream by Ice shaver and enjoy the best time with your friends and family and not forget the leave a comment on the comment box. you can also send us the pictures of your Ice cream to us we will share those pictures with our visitors in the gallery section.