Knowing When To Use Toilet Repair Kits

Do you realize that thousands of gallons of water are continually wasting every year because of a toilet leak of one kind or another? Many leaky toilets will do a lot of extensive damage if you do not replace or repair them as soon as possible. Many times the homeowner may have to do extensive repairs on the finished flooring and the sub-floor beneath it. This can become very costly and time-consuming. Many times an individual can fix a leaky toilet with just a toilet repair kit.

toilet repair kit

You will have to do a bit of investigating to determine exactly what you may need to be able to fix your toilet. One way to find the exact location of a water leak in a toilet is to add a very small amount of food coloring to the water in the back of the toilet tank. When the colored water reaches the area that is leaking, you will be able to see the discoloration and from where it is coming. However, not all toilet repair problems will be those that leak onto the floor. Some times a toilet repair can be as simple as tightening or replacing a handle, valve or flapper inside the toilet. For instance, to check to see if the flapper needs replacing, you can press down on it if your finger then has a black gooey substance on it, the flapper needs to be replaced.

Toilet repair kits come in many different types, from the toilet flapper repair kit to a ballcock or flush ball repair kit and even a toilet flange repair kit that might simply secure the toilet to its drain and the floor. Whichever problem you have found with your portable bathroom toilet, when you do purchase a toilet repair kit, you should take care to follow the directions given by the manufacturer for its installation and repairing your toilet to good working order. Failing to follow the directions will only consume more time and money to do it all over again.

Some of the tools or materials you may need while working with a toilet repair kit to fix your bathroom toilet may include, an adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, channel locking pliers and other pliers, masking tape, penetrating oil, screwdriver, a hacksaw, hand cleaner, a sponge and some cleanup cloths.

One thing you might consider when leaving your home for an extended period, such as a vacation, you might want to turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush out the water from the bowl and tank. This will lessen the pressure on a toilet that is left sitting unused and may lengthen the life of your toilet and its working parts. Another idea that may lengthen the lifetime of your toilets working parts is to not use strong chemicals inside the tank water or while cleaning the toilet. A cleaning solution of 1 part bleach and ten parts water is sufficient to kill germs while cleaning a bathroom toilet.

When you are searching for toilet repair kits, you should take the time to do some comparison-shopping online. On the other hand, if you shop locally, you should take any parts you plan to replace, with you to the store, this will help you and the associate find just the right toilet repair kit for your toilet.